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See if Joy Gets Pie in the Face When Carlos Makes Her “Prove It”

Joy always brags that she is the biggest fan of the show “Full House.” See what happens when Carlos makes her “Prove It!” Carlos quizzes Joy on “Full House” knowledge and for every question she gets wrong she has to crank the pie machine. For every question she gets right, Carlos has to take a turn at cranking the machine. See who ends up with a little pie on their face in the end!     … Continue reading

Carlos’ Epic “Firsts” With His Son Will Make You Cry

Your baby only gets so many “firsts” in life so I tried to set my son Dominic up with the most epic list of first during his first few days of life. For instance… The First Song he heard after coming into the world: Switchfoot “Dare You To Move”   The First Bible Verse I read to him: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your… … Continue reading

Here’s Why Husbands Need to Go Home and Love Their Wives

I love what Pastor Voddie Baucham had to say when it came to loving your wife as you’re biblically commanded to. Pastor Baucham said, “It is absolutely inexcusable for a man who follows Christ to stop loving his wife.” Remembering that love is an act of the will, that it is a choice, has been pivotal in my marriage. Love is not devoid of emotion and neither is it led by it, it is accompanied by emotion… … Continue reading

The 7 Things Women Hate About Living With Men

A few weeks back I wrote an article called “The 7 Things Men Hate About Living With Women” and lets just say, the floodgates were opened and the ladies have chimed in with the things they can’t stand about living with men. While most women said things like, “We couldn’t live our lives without our men, they help make life a little easier” or “Thank God for my Husband who handles all the dirty work… … Continue reading

See Joy’s Eggcelent Payback for Miscalculating the Big Game

Every year Joy predicts the outcome of the big football game by smashing an egg on her head. Every year Joy has been correct until now! This year she chose a Panthers egg and it was hard boiled, meaning that the Panthers would win. Unfortunately, her mistake means that she must get a raw egg smashed on her head as punishment. However, Carlos decided to be gracious and give her a chance to get out… … Continue reading

Reviewing Your Spouse Like an Employee

We talked about the idea of giving your spouse an employee review on the show a few weeks ago and ever since then the idea of doing it was met with both positive and negative responses. For instance: A. Lopez said: “Your spouse is NOT an employee you hire and then review after 90 days before deciding to fire them. That was a rude and crass idea. How dare you!” While: B. Richards said: “Reviewing… … Continue reading

See Carlos Turned Into a Human Ice Cream Sundae!

Carlos challenged Joy to a Digital Detox with high stakes! Carlos got on social media first, so he is being turned into a human ice cream sundae! Joy is showing him a little mercy by asking him Disney Princess questions to determine how many toppings get added. Apparently losing is cold, wet, and delicious! … Continue reading