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Lip Sync Battle: Sidewalk Prophets vs Carlos and Joy

Carlos and Joy may not have the voice to win in a singing competition against Dave from Sidewalk Prophets, but they do have the moves! They challenged Sidewalk Prophets to a Lip Sync Battle! Dave showed us his rocker side while Carlos and Joy brought out the pirate props.   Just like American Idol, the winner will be chosen by YOU! Watch both performances and cast your vote below:   VS   While Sidewalk… … Continue reading

4 Things About Honduras That Surprised Carlos & Joy

Some of these things will definitely surprise you! Others… maybe not so much. 😉 Hear from Carlos and Joy about their trip to Honduras with Compassion International and see why they walked away surprised.   Interested in sponsoring a child in families like these? We dare you to take a look. … Continue reading

What does genuine religion look like?

Joy Summers from the WAY-FM Afternoon Show shares some thoughts on James 1 and asks some tough questions about what it actually means to live out these verses – not just talk about them.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World’s Biggest Small Group right here! … Continue reading

Wally Show Warrior Dash

Carlos and Joy talked us all into doing the Warrior Dash with them.  It was a lot of fun. I was happy because I did better than I thought I would and I could actually move the next morning. … Continue reading

Carlos & Joy on Living Life with Distractions

It’s Day 5 of the World’s Biggest Small Group! Carlos & Joy lead today’s discussion about Luke 10:38-42 and living life with distractions. You’ve probably heard people talk about how loud and crazy the world is. Technology, careers, and entertainment buzzing around everywhere, demanding our attention! The goal today is not to talk about how negative these things are, but instead, to pinpoint what our personal distraction is, and then do something about it.  … … Continue reading

Carlos Leads the World’s Biggest Small Group

Carlos from the WAY-FM Afternoon shares leads Day 3 of the World’s Biggest Small Group! Today’s topic: How do you feel about money. Check out what he has to say in today’s video.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World’s Biggest Small Group right here! … Continue reading

A Simple Way to Love Where It’s Needed Most

Every girl deserves to have at least one moment when she feels loved and beautiful. The orphan girls in Peru often feel abandoned and unloved. Their families either do not want them or they come from abusive homes. Today in Cusco, Peru you made so many girls feel special and so beautiful! A pair ofshoes is nothing to us. I personally have around 50 pairs of shoes, but for the orphans in Peru they are… … Continue reading

How a Pair of Shoes Can Make All the Difference

You may not realize what a pair of shoes can do. Shoes gave us an avenue to share Jesus in government orphanages and you should have seen the smiles on the kids faces! Actually… you can! Here’s a re-cap of Joy’s trip to Peru with Shoes for Orphans Souls. Thank you for donating shoes during our last Pledge Drive! We’re grateful for your generosity! … Continue reading


That is what I was called several times today at the orphanage for babies and each time it broke my heart. I’m in Lima, Peru this week with Shoes for Orphan Souls. During our spring pledge drive, everyone who pledged $30 a month also donated a pair of shoes for orphans in Peru. This week I am delivering them with a team and putting them on the kid’s feet! Thank you for helping to provide… … Continue reading