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A Legacy That Looks Like a Romantic Love Story | by Crowder

“… to ask my mom, ‘What do you think of my dad?'” Crowder knows the answer his parents would give and it has made a big impact on his life. Check out his story in the video below.   Crowder says, “If we could go over to my parents house right now, you would see two people that are, like, entirely in love. To ask my mom, ‘What do you think of my dad?’ She’ll say,… … Continue reading

How to Win Turkey and Cracker Barrel with Crowder

If you love David Crowder and good food, you’re going to love this contest! The Grand Prize includes: A visit from David Crowder to your town Dinner with him at Cracker Barrel a Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair 30 qualifiers get the digital release of Crowder’s brand new album, Neon Porch Live! If you listen during Carlos & Joy you’ll get DOUBLE the chances to enter and the chance to win a Thanksgiving Turkey from… … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: David Crowder Shaves Wally?

David Crowder may be famous for his hair, but Wally isn’t far behind. Both are pretty distinct, yes?   Back before Wally was even a morning show, David Crowder actually shaved Wally’s facial hair however he wanted to during an interview. You can watch it for yourself right here. … Continue reading