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Bent But Not Broken

It is hard to imagine that in some countries, children living with correctable disabilities are often seen as outcasts or even as cursed.  Parents are told these kids should be hidden away, or worse yet, discarded.  I had the pleasure of meeting Julius, one of these “cursed” kids, at a CURE hospital in Kenya. Julius is such a blessing and an inspiration that it is hard to believe anyone could ever see him as a… … Continue reading

Wally Goes to Rehab…at a CURE Hospital

A life-changing surgery at a CURE hospital is just the first step in the process for CURE kids. Rehabilitation is vital as many of these kids have never been able to do things on their own, like walk.  The CURE rehab staff makes sure the kids know how to make the most of the new limbs and abilities they have been given. I had to end my workout session early to make sure this little… … Continue reading

Universal Languages: Lessons from Kenya

  A thumbs up. A smile. A hug. Loneliness. Worship. Just five ideas I now know are universally understood after a trip to Kenya with Cure International and WAY-FM. Loneliness is felt whether you are in Kenya or Connecticut, wealthy or poor, married or single. Mary is a 32 year old single mom who lives in a village outside of Kenya with her two children. Her oldest daughter has disabilities, which aren’t widely accepted in… … Continue reading

Are You a Hero?

Here are four quick ways to tell: 1. Heroes see a need and they respond. So here’s our “bat signal” for you: CURE could heal MORE kids. We have the beds in our hospitals to do it. The missing piece? Donors. People willing to say, “I see what needs to be done, and I’m going to do it.” Here’s the equation. It’s really this simple: You + Action = Healed little bodies. That’s an opportunity… … Continue reading

Not All Broken Things Belong in the Dump

I am standing in the middle of a dump in the capital city of Niamey in Niger, Africa. What makes this dump special is that a section of it has be reclaimed by CURE International and turned into a children’s hospital. In a place where people threw away the things they didn’t want, CURE is bringing new life to children, particularly children who could easily be cast off and thrown away because of their correctible… … Continue reading

Sometimes Life Hurts Before It Gets Better

“When my friends are running, I can’t follow them. The first thing I want to do after surgery is RUN!” – Hopsu I met Hopsu an hour before her surgery. Her magnetic smile lit up the children’s ward, and when I asked if she was scared she said, “No, I am excited!” I told her I would be in the operating room during her surgery and when it was all done, I wanted to see… … Continue reading

Brant Talks with Jon Foreman in a Special Oddcast!

Brant has a deep conversation with Jon Foreman from Switchfoot about life, God and healing. Switchfoot is partnering with CURE International and when you give a donation to help heal a child with a disability, you can get a free copy of their new CD, called Where The Light Shines Through. Find out more at … Continue reading