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Bent But Not Broken

It is hard to imagine that in some countries, children living with correctable disabilities are often seen as outcasts or even as cursed.  Parents are told these kids should be hidden away, or worse yet, discarded.  I had the pleasure of meeting Julius, one of these “cursed” kids, at a CURE hospital in Kenya. Julius is such a blessing and an inspiration that it is hard to believe anyone could ever see him as a… … Continue reading

Universal Languages: Lessons from Kenya

  A thumbs up. A smile. A hug. Loneliness. Worship. Just five ideas I now know are universally understood after a trip to Kenya with Cure International and WAY-FM. Loneliness is felt whether you are in Kenya or Connecticut, wealthy or poor, married or single. Mary is a 32 year old single mom who lives in a village outside of Kenya with her two children. Her oldest daughter has disabilities, which aren’t widely accepted in… … Continue reading

The Faces of the Faceless

Imagine growing up thinking you were a mistake, a curse, or the product of some sin. That would definitely color how you see the world and the way you see yourself. In places like Kenya, children with deformities are often ridiculed, outcast, or hidden…. ….but not at CURE! Kids here are loved, honored, and celebrated! CURE believes that every child is a divine gift from God. CURE feels it’s their job to share the gospel… … Continue reading

Meet This Young Heart Surgeon

We all have those moments where we feel numb inside, and sometimes we don’t even know why. It’s like we’re just existing. Full disclosure, that is where I kind of am right now. Then you meet someone who gives you some much needed perspective. Fixing Legs Julius was that person for me. Julius is in a CURE Hospital to have a life-changing surgery on his leg. The problem is glaringly obvious, and if anyone would have… … Continue reading