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Does Health and Fitness Have an Affect on Your Spiritual Growth? – Jonny Diaz

One heartbreaking story from Jonny Diaz’s childhood changed the way he looked at food and fitness forever. He shares the story and how he learned to take back his physical health by seeing it from a spiritual perspective.   Jonny says, “It’s an interesting thing, playing a song called “More Beautiful You,” telling everyone they are perfectly and wonderfully made, but also knowing God wants us to be our best self. And I believe our… … Continue reading

Can WAY NEW Make Your Workout Something You Look Forward To?

If you workout to this WAY NEW music playlist, getting “summer ready” will be much more fun! Carlos will keep this playlist updated on Spotify with the freshest sounds in Christian music. Maybe you’ll start looking forward to the gym since you’ll be getting to know these awesome songs. Click here to login to Spotify, click “Follow,” and this playlist will be automatically updated for you each week. Then, let us know what your favorite… … Continue reading