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4 Creative Ways to Find Community

We all know that sitcoms and romcoms have lied to us. Kissing in the rain is not romantic. Picnics are the worst. And you should know a guy for more than a week before falling head over heels in love. But the biggest lie, in my opinion? That it’s easy to form adult friendships. The main character is always surrounded by a group of people who have known her for her entire life. They hang… … Continue reading

Friends are Friends Forever

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and if you are single in the relationship department like me, you may have found it a tough day to get through. While I used to think that way, believing I had been forgotten by God and deprived of love, the older I get the more I realize how I haven’t been deprived at all! Through my friendships, I’ve been smothered with love, so much so, I sometimes can’t… … Continue reading