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Blanket Drive: Keep Colorado Warm

The homeless population in Colorado has increased 10% over the last year and holds one of the highest rates of children experiencing homelessness. Over 11,000 individuals and families are living on the streets, in shelters, on friend’s couches, or in cars. Finding ways to make a difference in the lives of those around us can be overwhelming. This winter YOU can team up with WAY-FM Colorado (93.9, 101.9, 99.3, 90.9), The Master’s Apprentice, Dream Dinners,… … Continue reading

I’m Jaded. Are you?

I pulled up to the stop light like I always do on my way home from church. The only difference today is that my teenage cousin, Natalie, was in the car with me. There was a worn out, homeless man looking at us through embarrassed eyes as he held a sign that simply said, “Homeless please help.” I looked for a moment at the man then looked away. My cousin on the other hand was… … Continue reading