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You’ve GOT to read this incredible letter!

Kaci, a WAY-FM listener, called in recently to talk with Carlos & Joy about the struggle of finding hope. Another listener, Rae, overheard Kaci’s call-in on the subject, found the closest coffee shop, prayed, and reached out to us with encouragement to pass on to Kaci. Turns out she encouraged the team here too. Instead of keeping Rae’s encouragement to ourselves, we thought (with her permission) we’d share it with you too…   “Dear Kacie,… … Continue reading

A Needed Song of Hope on a Hopeless Day

In the wake of all the tragedies and conflict in the news this year, it’s easy to feel hopeless. That’s why it’s great to have songs like this from Tenth Avenue North to remind us who our hope is in. I have this hope In the depth of my soul In the flood or the fire You’re with me and You won’t let go The Wally Show talked about some other songs on the show… … Continue reading

When It’s Not How You Planned It

“This is not how I planned it” Have you ever said that about your life? Have you ever said that about the direction that something you anticipated going in changed? You had a different idea in mind. Life played out differently than you had dreamt. Life played out differently than you had hoped. That situation played out differently than you prayed for. I was talking with someone this week who sheepishly admitted that this wasn’t… … Continue reading

Our Ministry Of The Month: Hope After Betrayal

  Hope After Betrayal Ministries (HABM) was founded by Meg Wilson, author of the book, Hope After Betrayal. Her mission is to provide hope and healing for women injured by their partners’ sexual betrayal. We are a growing community of healing and empowered women who educate, support and mentor other betrayed women through Healing Hope classes, resources and events. Our goal is that Pastors and Christian Counselors would see HABM as experts in the field and… … Continue reading

When Poverty Doesn’t Make You Cry

So, this is what poverty really looks like. “Leave any valuables on the bus. This is a dangerous part of town.” We exited single file and walked through muddy streets, glancing at mangy dogs and piles of trash. I couldn’t tell where one home stopped and another began. Rows of wood, concrete, and tin walls peppered with wire fencing boxed us in as we moved forward as a group. I followed, then found myself passing… … Continue reading

How to Use the Internet to Share the Love of Jesus

A young man came online searching for help. He was so overwhelmed by his parents fighting he was looking for ways to help their marriage and his family, even though he was only 13. He was reluctant to click the “Chat Now” button, but he mustered the courage and began a conversation. He said that within 5 minutes he felt cared for. A few minutes later and he was asking questions about faith and the… … Continue reading

Jamie Grace Shows You How to Fight When Life Gets Rough

“I’ve come to realize, everybody’s gonna go through something big. Everybody’s gonna have something difficult in their life. But the beauty of it is that no matter how big that stuff is, God is always bigger. And He’s always in control.” – Jamie Grace Wise words from Jamie Grace. In the video below, Jamie shares how she fights through her struggle with Tourette Syndrome and how God has used her story to encourage others and… … Continue reading

Never Give Up

How many times have you been standing on your blessing and you’ve given up because you couldn’t see it? I’ve asked myself that question ever since I watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the gold rush of 1949. Odd inspiration…but it happened. Two men, Oliver Martin and John Fowler were miners hoping to strike it rich during the gold rush. They happened to hear a rumor about a lake so full of gold… … Continue reading

4 Reasons Danny Gokey Gets it Right

1. He gets that we want to jam to the music AND be encouraged. “I’m a person of faith, so I always want my songs to have a strong message of hope. I want to write them in a way that is fresh. ‘Hope In Front of Me’ has got a great message, but it’s also got a great groove to the song so you are moving and your soul is getting fed while you… … Continue reading

Sponsor a child today

Here is our featured Compassion kid. Could you be the one to change their life forever? If our featured child is already selected, please click below to see the other children in Haiti who urgently need a sponsor. As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement in Jesus’ name, your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. Which child will you choose to sponsor? Click or Call 888-210-2743. … Continue reading