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Could This Be the Perfect 4th of July Treat?

With the crazy heat wave we’ve all been experiencing, an icy treat may be one of the best ways to enjoy this 4th of July weekend. Sonic has a new Red, White, and Blue Slush Float! We tried it on Taste Test Tuesday and share if it’s delicious fireworks or a dud.   … Continue reading

You Will Never Believe How Hard Competitive Eating Is

Matt “Megatoad” is a champion competitive eater who just finished off 12 pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in 35 minutes! Carlos challenged Justin from evenings on WAYFM to an ice cream eating competition to see who could finish just one pint of ice cream first! Neither of them anticipated how hard that would be….   … Continue reading

See Carlos Turned Into a Human Ice Cream Sundae!

Carlos challenged Joy to a Digital Detox with high stakes! Carlos got on social media first, so he is being turned into a human ice cream sundae! Joy is showing him a little mercy by asking him Disney Princess questions to determine how many toppings get added. Apparently losing is cold, wet, and delicious! … Continue reading