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What On Earth is Wrong with Bekah’s Husband?

I’ve shared before in passing about my husband Joey’s chronic illness and how it’s grown my faith, or at times, even made me doubt. And every time I share, I get the same question: “What’s wrong with him?” I completely get the question, but the answer is a little complicated! His issues started with one tiny gallstone in 2016, and ever since then, we’ve been dealing with the fall-out. The most recent chapter of his… … Continue reading

Fighting the Beast of Bitterness

Monitors beeping. Doctors and nurses scurrying around. People in pain all around us. These were all normal sounds for me as I sat through yet another emergency room visit with my husband. He’s been battling a chronic illness for years, so this was just a normal Tuesday for us. But then, amidst all the ER chaos, a lullaby was played over the loudspeaker. A baby had just been born two floors above, and the hospital… … Continue reading