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These Are What Thank You Speeches Should Be

Writing an award acceptance speech can be challenging, so we crashed the Dove Awards red carpet to help tobyMac, Lauren Daigle, Steven Curtis Chapman, and others write their thank you speeches, three words at a time.   Want to hear our full interviews on the red carpet? We even left in some off-mic conversations. Extended Dove Award Red Carpet Interviews   DC Talk Performs at the Doves     … Continue reading

This Lauren Daigle Video is the Most Hopeful Thing You’ve Seen All Day.

You’ve heard Lauren Daigle sing “How Can It Be,” but have you seen her get this real? She shares a story of struggling in her own life, then drops some serious truth about how to keep your mind focused on what matters. Lauren made this video for the World’s Biggest Small Group a couple years back, but we still get comments about how this video is blessing people today.   Lauren uses this verse: “And now, dear brothers… … Continue reading

(SOLD OUT) Lauren Daigle Fall Tour 2016

(Update: This show is now official sold out!) One of 2016’s most popular Christian music artists, Grammy nominee and Dove Award Winner, Lauren Daigle invites you to join her for this incredible night of worship. Presented by Cure International with special guest Chris McClarney. Happening October 23rd, 2016. Showtime at 7:00pm Thompson Station Church – Thompson Station Powered by Eventbrite … Continue reading

What is the Best Response to These Tragic Headlines?

The news has been full of horrible headlines. We’re feeling this with you, but the question remains – how on earth do we respond? When Lauren Daigle wrote the song, “Trust in You,” she learned something that can help us today. She says, “I walk into the writing appointment and my friend is sitting there and he says, ‘Lauren can I tell you a story? …There’s this man that wen to help Mother Theresa and… … Continue reading

How Can It Be That Getting the Flu was a Blessing for Lauren Daigle?

How can it be (see what I did there) that getting the flu was a blessing for Lauren Daigle?   Hear the stories behind the songs from “How Can It Be: Deluxe Edition,”  how she struggled with the loss of her grandfather, overcame illness, manages the busy schedule of a new recording artist, and how God showed her how to trust Him more. Subscribe through iTunes | Subscribe through Google Play | Subscribe Using the RSS Feed   … Continue reading

Have You Seen Lauren Daigle’s Breathtaking New Video?

Lauren Daigle sings a haunting rendition of  her song, “Come Alive (Dry Bones).” This is her stunning live performance and the story inspiring the song.   We talked with Lauren and Michael Farren, a friend who co-wrote “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” with her. They told us the personal story from the day this song came to life. Michael: You kind of went into telling a story about a friend… and just the struggle and the… … Continue reading

Ride Rollercoasters with Lauren Daigle at Universal Studios!

Lauren Daigle is playing Rock the Universe with tons of other artists, but she’s also going to riding rollercoaster – with YOU! We’re sending you and your family to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. You’ll get to se the show, hang out with Lauren Daigle in the parks, and ride all the rollercoasters you want! The Grand Prize includes: 4 tickets to Universal Studios the chance to see all the Rock the Universe concerts hotel… … Continue reading