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What to Do When the World Seems More Wrong Than Right

Ok, let’s get real for a second. There’s a lot of awful things happening in the world right now. The “wrong” we see on a daily basis can be overwhelming. If you’re listening to WAY-FM this week, you’ll hear a lot about the “wrong” of poverty – some pretty devastating  and awful poverty – in the world right now. It’s a serious part of the wrong that won’t ever seem to go away. But we… … Continue reading

This Song Brought Lauren Daigle to Tears

Lauren Daigle may be young, but her voice and her songs are powerful. The first time she heard the song “How Can It Be”, she was surprised at her reaction. Hear her tell the beautiful story in this video. “As I listened to this song, the words became so alive. Tears just streamed down my face. I couldn’t believe I was responding this way to this song… In my sin and in my shame, He… … Continue reading

That’s What Christmas is All About

Ok. We’re getting to that crazy point in the Christmas season. The gifts aren’t wrapped yet, you’re scrambling to get things done at work before vacation, and you still have no idea what to get for Aunt Jane. Needless to say, things are flying by in fast forward and maybe it’s time to put Christmas back into perspective. If you’re stress level is higher than your Christmas spirit, stop for a moment. Here are 3… … Continue reading

What’s on Your Mind?

Is there something you just can’t stop thinking about? Here’s what God says should always be on our minds. God taught Lauren Daigle what it means to fix her eyes on Christ – so now she’s sharing it with you in the World’s Biggest Small Group! You can hear Lauren sing "How Can it Be" on WAY NEW.   Want more devotions like this one? You can still join the World’s Biggest Small Group right… … Continue reading