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Reconnecting in Your Marriage with Dr. Greg Smalley

There are so many reasons for a disconnect in your marriage. For me, we are new parents and struggling to find time and energy for each other. Once you start to feel like roommates, it’s hard to know where to start to get that deep connection back. Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family is a marriage expert. He is sharing in his new book “Reconnected: Moving from Roommates to Soulmates in Your Marriage”… … Continue reading

3 Tips for Surviving Christmas with the In-Laws From a Marriage Expert

Christmas with your in-laws can be wonderful and hard all at the same time. I adore my in-laws and yet, I can still sometimes feel like an outsider at family gatherings where traditions that are new to me are present. Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family is a marriage expert who unpacks the 3 keys to an awesome Christmas with your in-laws in my latest podcast. Scroll down to listen to the full… … Continue reading

The Marriage Tip You Need During Quarantine

“Why does he not see things the way I do?” This question rang in my head as I walked up and down my street. Step after step did not take me further from the selfish anger that seemed to float around me like a thick cloud. Marriage is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever known and yet at the same time can test me the most in hard moments. One of the best pieces… … Continue reading

What’s YOUR Chapter Called?

  THANK YOU for sharing some life with me on the air last week by telling me, if we were writing a book together, what your chapter would be titled in a book on parenting…marriage…a book on being single…even on how to be a better puppy owner! When my friend who’s currently writing her novel for NaNoWriMo first told me to try this challenge, my goal was to get to know you better, but really I learned… … Continue reading

WayFM Marriage Conference 2022

  Kristin & Danny are public speakers, viral sensations, content creators and event hosts who are passionate about faith, family & fun! Get ready for a fun filled day of love and laughter! Kristin & Danny use their own blend of skits, dancing, improv games and story telling to encourage and bring joy to others! Through the fun and craziness, they’ll help you find the funny in life and relationships. Along with the comedy, Kristin… … Continue reading

Joel and Luke From for King & Country Talk Marriage With Their Wives

The Wally Show isn’t afraid to get real! Luke and his wife Courtney plus Joel and his wife Moriah Peters came in to talk all things marriage, including answering the question: “What is one area you think you could improve in your marriage?”  Looking for a great morning show? Listen to The Wally Show every weekday from 5:00-10:00am on 89.7 WAY-FM! 😄 Listen now. We also talked about their song “Joy” and had some fun with… … Continue reading

Why Marriage Won’t Complete You

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the final scene in the movie “Jerry Maguire” and change Tom Cruise’s romantic line, “I love you…you complete me!” WHY? Because it’s unhealthy and untrue. There. I like that line a lot better. It’s so unfair how the movies that make us swoon and tear up with sweet emotion often carry messages that leave us confused when we do fall in love. 1. Your Spouse Cannot Complete You.… … Continue reading

How to Rock Your Singleness

If you are single and wish that you weren’t, it can be so frustrating, hurtful, lonely- you name it and you’ve probably experienced it during this season. That’s why when a question popped up in my inbox from Jenelle about how to find hope when you are tired of being single, I had to write out some of my thoughts. Jenelle knows that I just got married, but that I also have waited a very long… … Continue reading