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Reconnecting in Your Marriage with Dr. Greg Smalley

There are so many reasons for a disconnect in your marriage. For me, we are new parents and struggling to find time and energy for each other. Once you start to feel like roommates, it’s hard to know where to start to get that deep connection back. Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus on the Family is a marriage expert. He is sharing in his new book “Reconnected: Moving from Roommates to Soulmates in Your Marriage”… … Continue reading

How to Rock Your Singleness

If you are single and wish that you weren’t, it can be so frustrating, hurtful, lonely- you name it and you’ve probably experienced it during this season. That’s why when a question popped up in my inbox from Jenelle about how to find hope when you are tired of being single, I had to write out some of my thoughts. Jenelle knows that I just got married, but that I also have waited a very long… … Continue reading

Married to the wrong person? This may help!

According to Scripture, Christians should never marry non-Christians. First Corinthians 7:39 is clear that we are “…free to be married to whom [we] wish, only in the Lord.” But even in Christian marriages, there are times when one might be tempted to think that he or she has married the wrong person. Courtney Reissig speaks wisdom into this topic in her recent article at The Gospel Coalition: Help, I Married the Wrong Person. Read more… … Continue reading