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Mini Golf with Max Lucado

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a season of life you don’t want to be in? That’s what Max Lucado’s book “You Were Made For This Moment” is all about. And since Max is a big fan of golf, we decided to talk about his book and the story of Esther over a little game of putt putt. Ps. If you missed Max’s latest health update, you can check it out here! … Continue reading

Max Lucado Teaches Us How to Handle Anxiety

We all deal with anxiety to some extent, but Max Lucado discovered that anxiety is particularly crippling for preteens. So Lucado took his best selling book, “Anxious For Nothing” and crafted it specifically for teens. He shares wisdom on dealing with anxiety before it takes over our lives. The advice Lucado shares is not only fit for preteens, but is truth we all  need and can apply to our lives as adults as well!  … … Continue reading