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2,996 Prayers to Remember 2,996 Victims of 9/11

  None of us will ever forget where we were the day the first airplane hit the World Trade Center. That day 20 years ago struck fear in us like we have never known. So many victims. So much loss. However, it also brought out the American spirit in full force. We came together as one and showed what makes American truly great- our rugged optimism. We vowed to not let the victims be forgotten.… … Continue reading

3 Verses to Pray Over Your Kids This School Year

I held it together until I reached my car, but as I slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door; the tears came. It was my first time ever attempting a drop-off line with my son. I got confused and entered the wrong way, only to have to back out and find my correct place at the back of the line. Sounding brave for your child is a new skill I am trying to… … Continue reading