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Finally Breaking Free From Insecurity

For years, I have dreaded summertime. As I put on shorts or pulled my hair back to stay cool, all I could see were my flaws. My ears stick out. My legs are always a ghostly white. And how could I ever forget the boy in high school that would point out if my legs jiggled even a little bit? I was wildly self-conscious about all of these things and more for most of my… … Continue reading

How a 4 Year Old Made Me Think Differently About My Insecurity

“What’s up with your skin?” I’ve heard this question my whole life. As someone whose skin looks different than everyone else’s because of an auto immune disorder, you’d think I could handle the questions. However, it’s still hard when someone points out something about me that I wish wasn’t noticeable. The questions remind me that I’m different and that my skin does not look like most people’s. To answer the questions I typically respond with… … Continue reading