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7 Songs To Tell God How You Really Feel

Why is it that we can rant to our friends about how hard life has been, but when we go to pray, we have nothing to say? It can be uncomfortable at first–telling God that you’re disappointed, or maybe, even mad at Him. If you’re in that place, here are 7 songs that have helped me have some honest talks with God: 1. TobyMac – “Promised Land” And I can’t ever seem to get ahead… … Continue reading

Top 5 Songs That Will Make You STOP What You’re Doing and Listen

Every now and then a song comes on the radio that makes you stop, sit in your car and just listen till it ends. Why do those songs always start when you’re 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway?! Carlos here and I had one of those experiences recently when I heard the new Adele song “Hello” on the local pop station. The way she sang it, the words she used to write it, it… … Continue reading