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Why I am now Pro Choice

This is Jade, she is an amazing girl. She is funny, smart, obviously adorable, full of life and she has cancer. However, cancer is something she has, it is not who she is. Yes, she is a fighter and has had to deal with more in her short time here, than I, even as an adult, have ever had to endure. But she is more than even that. She is JOY. After meeting her, when… … Continue reading

Map of School shootings around the world

Today in news we talked about the latest school shooting that took place in Washington.  These stories are beyond sad.  What is worse,  school shootings seem to be something plague us more than other countries.  This is the map we talked about in the news today. Here is what it looks like just in the U.S.   … Continue reading

Wally Show Warrior Dash

Carlos and Joy talked us all into doing the Warrior Dash with them.  It was a lot of fun. I was happy because I did better than I thought I would and I could actually move the next morning. … Continue reading

Man Card 500

Zach claims because I don’t watch a lot of sports I should have my man card revoked. I am driving race cars this weekend while he watches football from his couch. I think I not only get to keep mine, but should get his as well.   … Continue reading

Bekah’s Blogtastic Blog Report: August 28, 2014

Chris August is a great song writer who has some pretty profound songs, this is not one of those, and he knows that. Chris said, “This is a serious song from the middle of my heart, my rap skills are second only to Will Smith, and those first two things are a joke.”   Selena Gomez….not a name you’d expect to hear in a Blog Report. But this week, she posted an Instagram video covering… … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Write Worship Songs Like Wally Does

Wally challenged Aaron Shust to write a worship song about the most random verse they could find. The result, a song called, “Send the Bears,” was really something else! Not only do our artists have an incredible heart for ministry, but they’re tons of fun, too. Wally brings out proof of that here! Thanks for being such a great sport, Aaron!!   You can always visit the Wally Show page for more laughs and good… … Continue reading

The Sooner You Know This About Wally the Better

Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re in the same building as Wally. He has quite the track record of startling people here at WAY-FM. There’s Katie…   And poor Betty.   He even tried to get Brandon Heath, for crying out loud! Thanks for being a good sport, Brandon!   But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get him back. 😉   We love to have fun around here, so thanks… … Continue reading