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Tim Tebow Gets a Little Freaked Out!

Tim Tebow came in to talk about his new book, Mission Possible, but he got a little bit more than he bargained for when he met “Tebow Super Fan” Taft. Tim was a great sport but even I had some questions for Taft after this game. Tim is very passionate about helping people find their God-given purpose in life.  That is what his book, Mission Possible, is all about. When Tim gets fired up, it… … Continue reading

Tim Tebow’s New Child is a Children’s Book

Did you know Tim Tebow is dyslexic? I did not.  It was something new I learned about him in this conversation. Tim  is one of my favorite people to have on the show because he is beyond positive. Years ago he would have had a right to be bitter about how things went for him in the NFL, but he chose to rise above that and live out his faith in a way that matched… … Continue reading