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Find Hope By Trusting In Him

The news has been full of horrible headlines. We’re feeling this with you, but the question remains – how on earth do we respond? When Lauren Daigle wrote the song, “Trust in You,” she learned something that can help us today. She says, “I walk into the writing appointment and my friend is sitting there and he says, ‘Lauren can I tell you a story? …There’s this man that wen to help Mother Theresa and… … Continue reading

5 Perfect Ways God Answers Your Most Popular Excuses

What comes to mind when you think of excuses? Has the dog ever eaten your homework? Have you ever been too old or too young? Instead of admitting our mistakes, why is it so much easier to blame other people and circumstances? Instead of being open to exploring new experiences, why is it easier to limit ourselves with excuses? In Exodus 3-4, God appeared to Moses through a burning bush, asking him to go before… … Continue reading

How You Can Learn to Trust God Without the Why

I’m a curious person and always need to know why. This is what makes my relationship with God so hard. He rarely gives us the “why.” I know that our perspective is so small compared to His that I might not even understand the “why,” but it does not stop me from wanting it. God wants us to TRUST Him even without knowing the “why” behind everything. I realized this today while reading the book… … Continue reading

How to Turn Doubt into Trust

Trusting God isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we KNOW what His promises are and we even believe they’re true… but we just don’t feel it. “It doesn’t always FEEL like He knows what He’s doing… ‘Really God? Are You with us?’ It didn’t really feel like it in that second…” – Jodi from Love & The Outcome The husband and wife team, Chris and Jodi, from Love & the Outcome wrote about… … Continue reading

Where is God When You Can’t Feel Him?

“It was a scary time for me and for my family.” – Jonathan Steingard from Hawk Nelson Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re going through a scary time right now or maybe a friend is. Or maybe you just know what it’s like to wonder what God is doing. The guys in Hawk Nelson know, too. But they’re also on a mission to remind you of an important fact. We’ll let Jon tell… … Continue reading

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Surrendering to God

“The pathway to peace is to day by day surrender our life to Jesus Christ.” – Chad Mattson from Unspoken You may already know that surrendering to God is a really good thing, but when’s the last time you thought about what it truly means to give your life away to God? They guys from Unspoken get things exactly right in their song “Lift My Life Up.” Here are 5 important reminders from the song… … Continue reading