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10 Photos of Dominican Republic: From Paradise to Poverty

If you’re planning your next vacation, you may consider some amazing places in the Dominican Republic. And rightly so! This country is stunning! I recently experienced the Dominican Republic from behind a camera lens. What I found was intriguing, sobering, and ultimately, beautiful. Take the journey with me in these photos. “Contrast” – Gualey, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic – beautiful and vibrant! But also impoverished. A family in less than desirable circumstances showed us their gorgeous view of… … Continue reading

Road Trips

This was supposed to be an easy trip home to see the family but the trip turned out to be anything but… 1. My first leg of the trip was only supposed to be about a 4 hour drive. It took more than 6. 2. I got sick. Not the deathly, I-can’t-drive-take-me-to-a-hospital kind of sick…but the just bad enough to make the drive miserable, sick. 3. The second leg was fine (8 hours worth of… … Continue reading

Colorado Summer Boating Stay-Cation Ideas

So are you thinking about staying in state for your summer vacation this year? Well there are so many great things to do in the Centennial state! You can check out everything from hiking, camping, fishing, boating, golf, horseback riding and more here! Consider inviting your children’s friends to spend the occasional day with your family on the boat. Your kids will probably be more enthusiastic to spend the day on the water and you’ll… … Continue reading

Take your family on a STAYcation this summer!

How about a STAYcation? A staycation is an economical alternative to a conventional vacation. Instead of jetting down to Disneyworld or some exotic locale, a staycation might consist of barbecuing around the backyard pool, visiting a nearby museum, or a relaxing day trip to a golf park listed at golf holidays direct. But because you’re spending time close to home, you’ve got to fight the urge to call the office, make yourself available to the… … Continue reading