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Jesus Take the Wheel from We Are Messengers

Darren from the band We Are Messengers flipped his truck on an icy road on the way to the airport for a concert. I actually saw his truck on the side of the road and could not believe he, not only, walked away from that accident but that he got a ride to the airport and did the show.  I wanted to get more details so he told me to call him. Ironically he was… … Continue reading

Darren from We are Messengers Surprises our Camp Electric Winner

Every year, we do a “Rock What Ya Got” contest where teens have a chance to win a trip to Camp Electric. This year, our winner was a 15-year-old girl named Brienna who has been through a lot in her young life. She had an absolute BLAST at camp last week, and her mom sent us a message thanking us for giving her the opportunity to go. It not only helped reshape her confidence after a lot… … Continue reading

The We Are Messengers/Lil Jon Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed

Betty Rock does some of the world’s best impersonations (according to her), so we decided to use her Lil Jon impression to jazz up the We Are Messengers song “Maybe It’s Ok.” Darren could barely hold it together enough to sing along. Darren also talked about taking the hope of songs like “Maybe It’s Ok” to every human by performing in non-traditional venues while on tour. Plus, he covers a serious topic that touches Wally’s… … Continue reading

Happy 50th Birthday, Wally! Here’s What Your Favorite Artists Really Think Of You….

Our very own Wally is officially a half a century old! As we celebrate him and all he’s meant to us, we also wanted to include messages from some of his favorite artists like Matthew West, for King & Country, Bart from MercyMe, and Natalie Grant. Plus, speaker Jon Acuff, comedian John Crist, and even his family all shared what they really think of him.   Send Wally your birthday message in the comments below!… … Continue reading

What to Do When God Hasn’t Given You the Answers

When disaster strikes in our lives we are often left not knowing what to think. Darren from We Are Messengers shares what to do when we don’t know what to do. He has experienced plenty of storms in his own life and has realized that God is in control and we can release our need to have all the answers. … Continue reading

This We Are Messengers Music Video is Meaningful AND Adorable

This We Are Messengers video is meaningful and precious! Lead singer Darren’s baby daughter stars in the “Point to You” music video. Her name is Emmanuelle and her dancing is lovely! Darren loves Jesus deeply and that pours out through his songs. “Point to You” is not exception.   Watch another We Are Messengers video!    … Continue reading