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Here are some other text groups you might love:

  • Text WALLY to 91979 to get show updates directly from The Wally Show
  • Text AFTERNOONS to 91979 so Bekah from Afternoons can text you
  • Text JOY to 91979 to stay in touch with Joy from Middays
  • Text NATION to 91979 so you’re the first to see new videos from Hope Nation
  • Text TEAM to 91979 to help pick the music that’s played on WayFM


Regional Groups

Want to know when amazing concerts and events are coming to your town? Get early bird access to tickets and even have a chance to win tickets by joining the group for your area with the keywords below!


  • Birmingham – Text BIRMINGHAM to 91979
  • Gadsden/Anniston – Text ALABAMA to 91979
  • Huntsville/North Alabama – Text HUNTSVILLE to 91979
  • Montgomery – Text MGM to 91979


  • Denver – Text DENVER to 91979
  • North Colorado – Text COLORADO to 91979
  • Colorado Springs and South Colorado – Text SPRINGS to 91979


  • Gulf Coast – Text GULF to 91979
  • North Florida – Text LOCAL to 91979
  • South Florida – Text SFL to 91979
  • Southwest Florida – Text SWFL to 91979


  • South Georgia – Text LOCAL to 91979


  • Evansville – Text EVANSVILLE to 91979


  • Wichita – Text WICHITA to 91979


  • Louisville – Text LOUISVILLE to 91979
  • Bowling Green – Text GREEN to 91979

South Carolina

  • Charleston – Text CHARLESTON to 91979


  • Dallas/Fort Worth – Text DFW to 91979


  • Clarksville – Text CLARKSVILLE to 91979
  • Nashville – Text NASH to 91979


Additional Keywords:

  • Text APP to 91979 to download the WayFM app
  • Text BIBLE to 91979 to receive a free Bible
  • Text BUSINESS to 91979 to find local businesses that support the Ministry of WayFM
  • Text GIVE to 91979 to support the ministry of WayFM
  • Text PODCAST to 91979 to catch up with the Wally Show or to check out other Hope Nation podcasts
  • Text PRAY to 91979 to visit the prayer wall where you can submit a prayer request and pray for others
  • Text STORE to 91979 to get the latest WayFM t-shirts and gear


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