a little song that’s blessed me for years…you don’t even need the music…the lyrics are touching enough…

Danniebelle Hall “Jesus Loves Me” arranged by Danniebelle Hall

I used to think, I thought if I’d be good 
Then You would love me, Lord, yes You would 
Ah but now You’re teaching me to see 
That You love me just, just because, because I’m me (mmmm)

And it seemed, and it seemed, it seemed like every time I would try 
Try to measure up, Lord, somehow I, 
I would fail, I would fail, I would fail at what I’d want to be 
Ah, but still Your love, Your love flowed constantly (ooooo)

And here, here is a little lesson you and I would do well to learn 
That there’s absolutely nothing good, There is nothing good that you can do to earn, 
To earn the Savior’s love, to earn His love so kind and true 
But Jesus loves you, He loves you just because you’re you 

Yes, yes, Jesus loves me 
Oh, yeah, yes, Jesus, I know He loves me 
Yes, yes, Jesus loves me, it’s true 
Because the Bible, the Bible tells me so

And Lord, You’re teaching me, You’re teaching me to see 
That You love me just, just because I’m me

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