A Triskaidekaphobic says whaaaa?

So, today is Friday the 13th…big woo.  Seriously.  Not sure when or why this day became associated with bad luck, but I’ve never had any need or use for it.  

But here’s something that’s really cool:  I recently read that the phrase “fear not” occurs roughly 366 times in the Bible…that’s one for every day of the year…plus leap year.  As far as fear goes-we’re totally covered all day, every day.

Fear is a crippler.  Fear holds you back.  Fear destroys relationships and trust.  And with all due respect to the late President Franklin Roosevelt, as a child of the king, there is NOTHING to fear…not even fear itself.  As I look back on my life…there has NEVER been a time when the Lord has let me down…faithful even when I am faithless…

So as I smile at the black cat that walks in front of the ladder I passed under while fixing my makeup with the mirror I broke when i stepped on the crack in the sidewalk, I thank the Lord for His protection, His love, His mercy, and His salvation.

in Him, there is NOTHING…NO THING…that I fear

…okay, i might be a teeeeny bit claustrophobic, but i’m working on that…

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