Being an adult is so much harder than I ever expected!

Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? Joy here, and for some reason I thought that the older you became the more wisdom you suddenly gained.

So far this had not happened for me…

I am in the process of trying to understand my taxes, my healthcare, and whatever a 401K is, while everyone else seems to just get this stuff. One of my friends recently told me that most people just fake it until they make it. She said this is especially true for people acting as if they understand and grasp all aspected of being a responsible adult. Most of us are faking it; pretending that we have it all together until we slowly start to get there. 
I’m not so great at “faking that I have it all together.”

I’ll say it. I’m a terrible adult.
I’m not organized or a good time manager. I don’t plan ahead or get up before my alarm goes off. I’ve been working on all of these things for years but the progress is not happening as quickly as I desire. 

I think the one encouragement is when I find that there are other people like me. There must be other people who thought they would be more mature or more put together at this point in their lives. Adulthood is HARD! Why as kids did we think, “I can’t wait until I get to handle everything on my own!” Now I would love to release that control to someone else!

I am trying to trust that God is still growing me and changing me into the adult I desire to be, but sometimes the journey there is longer than expected. 

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