Carlos here and I love visiting the doctor. Not sure why, I just always have. Joy on the other hands avoids them like the plague. She’s hyper afraid of needles so maybe that has something to do with it…but not every visit equals a shot…so what is it?

Now, I may be a little over the top with my love for doctors. I went to the same pediatrician till I was 18 and eventually told that I needed to find an “adult doctor” to visit. lol! 

But what is it? Docs are there to make us feel better when we are sick, to help prevent future illness, to check things and make sure everything is running properly…what is it? 

For Joy its fear. Fear of being poked or prodded or given new meds or that something is horribly wrong. Its FEAR. To steal a quote from a movie I recently watched, “danger is real, but fear, fear is a choice” (thank you Will Smith). 

How often do we let the choice of FEAR grip our hearts and hold us back from things in life? If there is one lesson to be learned here its that we don’t need to have a SPIRIT of FEAR! But to live boldly knowing that no matter what comes, a life in Christ means we have GOD in our corner to help us face anything. Even scary Doctors and the things that could be wrong with us. So today, maybe choose to NOT fear and be bold in life. 


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