Christina Aguilera Theology

Before Christina Aguilera was Xtina and after she was on the Mickey Mouse Club, she did a song called, “What a Girl Wants.” It makes very little sense and I’m not sure it really addresses what girls actually want. 

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Somebody sensitive, courageous
Sexy, cool, like you

Thank you, Xtina, for letting us know that all a girl really wants is a man. And a “sexy cool” one at that.

The crazy things is that when we set out to look just for a husband – even if he is “sexy, cool” or “a good guy that loves Jesus” or whatever mantra we’ve put together – we just end up looking desperate. And desperation looks good on no one.

Instead, maybe we should consider some other things that “a girl wants.” 

What do you love doing?
What are you – not your friends, family or boyfriend – passionate about? I’ve never seen Runaway Bride except for the part that she is trying to decide what kind of eggs she actually likes because up until that moment, she’s just eaten the kinds of eggs that her boyfriends/fiances have made for her. We need to figure out more than just eggs. 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
This is probably selfish, but I don’t want to just be here and exist. I want to be remembered for something great. I want people to say that I was generous and loved people well so I have to live my life that way now, regardless of who else is around me. 

Who is the person you like being?
I’ve found myself years into a relationship realizing that the person I had become wasn’t someone that I liked. In fact, it was exactly the apathetic, living-for-myself kind of person that I used to complain about. 

Get to know the God that has put responsibilities that fit exactly who you are on you.
Pursue that responsibility.

In the end, you might actually end up with what a girl (and probably everyone) wants – purpose, from a powerful God who knows and loves you.
And maybe you’ll even find someone to do it with.

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