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Why Not You

why not you?

Someone will obliterate the status quo.

Someone will rise above what’s common and take hold of what could be.

They’ll discover the outer reaches of their capabilities,

Breaking the glass ceiling,

As the rest of us watch in wonder.

Why Not You?

Someone out there won’t be confined by boundaries drawn for them by someone else.

They won’t be stopped by the word no.

They won’t be limited by adversity or fear.

They’ll rise against the odds, in spite of very real obstacles,

And will inspire those of us following steps behind.

Why Not You?


Someone will live happily ever after.

They’ll build an incredible life with the one they love most.

They’ll learn to love and be loved in return,

To truly know someone and be known.

And together, they’ll learn the benefits of vulnerability and

a love so big it hurts sometimes.

Easy? No. But a beautiful gift, even when it’s hard.

Why Not You?

Someone will prosper greatly.

They’ll find purpose and fulfillment in their work.

They’ll rise to the top of their field, gaining more than they ever dreamed.

And they’ll have no impulse to apologize or hide it,

Because their wealth and influence will be eclipsed by their generosity.

They’ll be able to meet the needs they see,

And to give to others “just because”.

They’ll lavish their greatest resources –

Their time, their talent, their words and wisdom.

They’ll shape the world around them through service,

Their fingerprints on generations to come.

Why Not You?

Someone out there will live a long and healthy life,

Filled with peace.

And love.

And beauty.

And contentment.

And joy.

And adventure.

And purpose.

And influence.

And happiness.

In abundance.

In spite of what you’ve believed in the past, it can be you…because youth, beauty and a silver spoon are not prerequisites to experiencing the best your life has to offer.

An effective, progressive life well-lived is reserved for those who try.

And keep trying,

And reaching,

And dreaming,

Discovering new possibilities,

Bringing their best to “this moment”,

Never settling on the sidelines for a lesser life on an easier path.

Someone will change their life today…because they’ll change their mind today.

They’ll begin to dream again.

They’ll crowd out the voices saying, “You can’t. That’s not for you. You’re not enough. Your chance has passed.”

Instead, they’ll lean into the voice whispering, “Come”.

And they’ll move – patiently, without striving.

They’ll do the work required,

And find the help they need,

To walk in the fullness of what could be – and who they could be.

Someone will live the life they were created to live.

Why not you?

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