Artificial intelligence is exploding.  There is a site called Chat GPT that allows you to type in a prompt and the computer will automatically, through A.I., answer your prompt.

For example, we asked the chat bot to write a love poem from a guy with a tiny bladder.  That tiny bladder boy is Gavin, and here is what the artificially intelligent bot came up with for him.

I was also curious to see what the robot would come up with for Betty Rock.  The prompt was: From a girl named Betty to a cat named Beanie Boo.

My dearest Beanie Boo,
you’re more than just a pet to me,
you’re my companion, my confidant,
even though the world might find it crazy.

With fur as soft as the morning dew,
and eyes so bright, in shades of blue,
Beanie Boo my sweet little friend,
my love for you forever true.

I could not resist writing a love poem for my wife.  The prompt was: a love poem for a lady who loves quilting from a guy who loves to mountain bike.  Here is was the artificially intelligent Shakespeare came up with.

Oh lady fair, with thread and needle in hand,
you stitch together beauty like grains of sand.
Your quilts, a tapestry of colors and love,
fit for kings and queens in heaven above.

As for me, I love the thrill of the ride,
the rush of the wind as I quickly glide.
The mountain bike, my trustee steed,
through natures trail my heart does lead.

Though we differ in our passions and skill,
together, side by side, our love does fill.
For as long as we live, I’ll cherish you still,
my quilting queen, my heart’s sweet thrill!

You can try Chat Gpt here. It’s free but, like anything, you have to sign up for an account.  The thing I was pleasantly surprised by was its sensitivity to questionable content.  I typed a prompt about triggered millennials and it refused to finish the prompt because it could be hurtful to someone.  All I could think was a millennial created this cause robots have no feelings!

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