Do you have days that you’re just down?
If you answered, “no” then totally me too. I’m never like that.
If you answered, “yes,” then you get the truth. I totally do. 

And I hate it. 
I hate feeling sad or just not being okay. Especially if I can’t explain it. I listen to sad music, watch terrible romantic comedies and eat. Doesn’t matter what it is. I just do.

You don’t feel like yourself and everything takes twice as much effort. 

Darkness sometimes reveals light though (that’s probably not good physics).
I’m unbelievably blessed on hard days to have people around me who don’t give up on me, even when that would be easier.
I write better and am far more creative when I’m down.
It makes me turn to God and realize that I just don’t have things together.

I guess there’s a purpose to down days, especially since I can’t seem to grasp things very easily in the light. So I’ll work at learning better and being grateful, even for down days.

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