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Have you ever heard a song for the first time that immediately made you want to put it on repeat? Here are some of the newest songs on WayFM and the stories behind them!

Crowder – Good God Almighty

“I don’t know  about you, but after the year we’ve just had, I gotta sing something that reminds me of what’s true. And what’s true is: God is God. He’s still on the throne, and He is good.” -David Crowder


Besides his amazing music, we also love our conversations with Crowder and all the twists and turns they take!

Danny Gokey – New Day

“I believe that God has new beginnings for every single one of us, no matter what we have walked through. Make space in your heart, receive the new day, receive this message of hope, and let’s walk it out every day. God’s got new things for you. Your best is yet to come.” -Danny Gokey


If you need a good laugh in addition to the inspiration from Danny’s music, watch this video of him playing a food game with Joy. 

Jordan Feliz – Next to Me

‘Next to Me’ is a song that is all about the truth that God has never left you, and He will never forsake you. No matter what you’re going through, He will always be right next to you.” -Jordan Feliz


Jordan shared his experience with fear and what happened when he was called to take a huge leap of faith. 

Lauren Daigle – Hold On to Me

“The thing that I love about this song is that it lends its voice to someone who is feeling incredibly vulnerable, someone who is feeling super insecure, uncertain. Sometimes when you forget who you are, it is the people around you, or it is God saying, ‘Hey, this is important. This is the quality of life that you bring to the table.’  And in a time when the world may seem uncertain and the future might look very unknown, this is a song of hope that any person can cling to as a truth.” -Lauren Daigle


Lauren sat down with us a few years ago to talk about what she learned in her season of rest. 

MercyMe – Say I Won’t

“I started writing ‘Say I Won’t’ about a year ago. It all started with acknowledging grace and identity and understanding who we are in Christ and how there’s a lot of Christians out there that forget that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now dwells inside of us 24 hours a day. The second you realize that, everything changes.” -Bart from MercyMe


A friend of the band named Gary Miracle was featured in the music video because of how he’s lived this message out. Watch his inspiring story here. 

Phil Wickham – Battle Belongs

“I looked out, and I just saw a sea of hands. It was all I could do to not start crying and stop singing. I had to hold it together. It was a beautiful moment, and from that moment on, I thought, ‘Whatever happens with this song, I love this song, and I’m excited to share it. I hope it blesses a lot of people.'” -Phil Wickham on the first time he performed “Battle Belongs”


From performing a song for the first time in concert, to playing Disney tunes for his kids, we love singing along to everything Phil puts out.

tobyMac – Help is On the Way

“For the last year and a half, I’ve walked through the darkest valley of my life as we lost our firstborn son, Truett. And then the pandemic hit 6 months after that.  I started trying to write songs or just grasp for hope. It took me a while. For a while there, all I was thinking was writing with songs of darkness, songs about being in the valley. Suddenly, I came across this scripture in Psalms that says, ‘God is rolling up His sleeves to come and help us.’

You are not forgotten. God is thinking about you right now. He is rolling up His sleeves on your behalf. And that is a promise you can hold on to.” -tobyMac


Toby also released music that showed the struggle that comes on the journey to find hope. Click here to listen to his song 21 Years. 

We The Kingdom – Child of Love

“I was running so hard from God….looking for anything to numb the pain inside of me.  And through addiction and all manner of things that I was hiding behind, God met me, and He came in the midst of all that crazy mess, and He told me that He loved me. He showed me that I was indeed a child of love. And it turned my life around, and I’m so grateful.” -Ed from We the Kingdom


Did you know that We the Kingdom is a family band? We put Ed and his daughter Franni to the test with a game where they got to spray each other with cold water. 

Zach Williams – Less Like Me

“I think as Christians, we often feel like we have to have it all together or we have to be perfect. I know for myself, I miss the mark on a daily basis. I’ve had times this year where I felt like everything in my life was about to fall apart and days where nothing went right.

But I’m reminded of Galatians and the Fruits of the Spirit, and it talks about joy, and love, and peace, and kindness, and self-control. And these  were all the things that Jesus was.  And these are the things I strive to be. My goal each day is to wake up and try to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. And ultimately, my end goal is to be less like me and more like Jesus.” – Zach Williams


It was probably a little difficult for Zach to practice self-control when Wally had him identify different things by smelling them.

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