Win Your Very Own WAY-FM T-Shirt!

Picture this, there’s a parade being thrown in your honor marching down the street.

Hundreds of fireworks are exploding in the sky.

There’s a crowd of people singing “For You’re a Jolly Good Fellow.”


Because you’re one of WAY-FM’s Top Fans on Facebook, and you make the Facebook page a better place.

Ok, ok….we got caught up in the moment.

We can’t actually throw you a parade or light up the sky in your honor. But we can do the very next best thing.

We’re going to sign you up for a chance to win one of our  WAY-FM T-shirts from the new WAY-FM T-shirt store! 

Winners will be chosen on December 17th at 3pm CST.

Fill out my online form.

Thanks for being YOU, and we’ll see you around on the Facebook.



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