Give a child a chance to not only survive, but to grow up and change their country!

It didn’t look like much. Just a fence built on a hill with some crosses above it, but I quickly found out that this hill holds pain for so many in Haiti. After the earthquake there were so many bodies that they had to have mass burials. This is one large grave outside the city for so many who lost their lives during that tragedy. As we drove by it, one of our translators from Compassion International started to cry. When we asked him why, he said that some of his family and many of his friends perished in the earthquake and he is sure that they were buried there. He had never been able to visit it before. Seeing all this hurt in his eyes and knowing the pain that the whole country of Haiti felt after the earthquake, it can seem like a hopeless place. But soon after seeing the massive grave, we arrived at the Compassion project where we met so many sweet children. I saw it in every smile, in every laugh, and in every moment of learning, it was HOPE. Hope for a better life, hope for their future, and most of all hope for their country.  The same translator that was crying at the mass grave was later exclaiming that there is still hope for Haiti because of the work of Compassion International! Children are our future and the children of Haiti are being sponsored, one a time. When a child is sponsored they are given a fighting chance not only to survive but to thrive! Through education these Compassion children are learning how to make a difference and they are also learning that their foundation needs to be in Jesus! When they see the mass grave every day and remember the earthquake in Haiti their hope is not lost, because people like YOU are investing in their lives daily through Compassion International!

Sponsor a child today! You can’t change every child’s circumstances in Haiti, but why not start with one?

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