God showed up in some pink earrings today…

Joy here and I’ve need to get a blood test for almost 6 years now and I’ve been putting it off! I hate needles.
That’s an understatement. If anyone even speaks of needles I get a little nauseous. I know, I know. I’m a big baby!
So I finally decided it was time to go get my blood checked out and suck it up like an adult. 

You know the feeling, it’s like the room is closing in on you. That is EXACTLY how I felt as soon as I got in the clinic. I started fanning myself furiously with anything close to me. The sweet nurse asked if I was ok and I replied, “Yeah, fine! Do you ever have people pass out when you do this, because I might!” 

Praise God the nurse was understanding and put me in some sort of adult high chair! HA! I was sitting with full padding surrounding me so that if I passed out I wouldn’t get hurt! Although it was slightly embarrassing, I was thankful:) 

As the nurse started taking my blood, I yelled like a wounded dog and suddenly started to feel faint. However, God showed up in that small moment in a way I never expected. 

A nurse walked into my room with the cutest hot pink feather earrings I had ever seen! It was insane how quickly I forgot all about the needle in my arm! I complimented her and she started to tell me how she got her earrings from some Navaho Indians! Our conversation about her accessories was a God-sent distraction and before I knew it, the needle was out of my arm and we were done! 
You never know how God is going to show up, but through pink earrings?! Really??
I’m positive He had a hand in that perfectly-timed, perfect-for-me moment! This big baby got her blood taken and didn’t even pass out. Thanks Lord! 

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