Heaven is For Real!

So many people are getting frustrated with the new spiritual movies that are  hitting theaters, saying that they miss the mark Biblically. I have not seen them all so I can’t speak for them, but I did just see the new movie “Heaven is For Real.” It is based on the true story of a little boy named Colton who claims that he visited heaven during a near death experience. The movie asked the question, is heaven a real place while also asking hard questions like how can we handle grief as Christians. Was the gospel presented in this movie? No. Was there a clear explanation of how one gets to heaven? No But is this movie beneficial? I would say YES!

I watched “Heaven is For Real” with a dear friend of mine who just lost his younger brother in a tragic accident. We know his brother professed to be a Christian and have a relationship with Jesus so we believe that he is currently in heaven. However, that doesn’t erase the pain of losing someone you care about deeply! This movie was SUCH an encouragement to my friend! He already is thinking about heaven a lot, but hearing possible details about how amazing it will be comforted his heart in a way that no one could. God can still work through movies even when they may miss the spiritual mark in our minds. This movie has amazing power to comfort and even start great conversations. I say despite the critics, “Heaven is For Real” is going to be used by God in amazing ways because I already witnessed it! 

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