Letters to Heaven

Three kids in California lost their mom to cancer two weeks ago, and they couldn’t pay for a funeral. But they each wrote a letter, tied them to balloons, and let them float away. Luckily they landed in a woman’s yard 35 MILES AWAY and she started raising MONEY for them. She raised over 20GRAND since then…enough to pay for the funeral and then some.


Yeah, that was my response too. Regardless about what you think or believe about miracles…this to me is a “give glory to God moment” in my book. 

The idea to send the letters to Heaven was brought to the kids from a friend to help them grieve through the process of losing their mom. Little did they all know how the winds of luck or God’s own hand would maneuver one balloon to Yvette Melton’s front yard and the rest is history. Such a beautiful random act of kindness that has impacted three children for the rest of their lives. 

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