One of my friends growing up couldn’t play in soccer games on Friday nights because of Sabbath. Once the sun went down on Friday, until Saturday at 6pm, he was off limits. It was his time with family and God. 

He was one of our best soccer players so really that meant our team lost all Friday games. As a high schooler, I think I knew I was supposed to respect what his family did, but I’m not sure I really understood – or understand – Sabbath.

My pastor talked this week about Sabbath and the need for regular (once a week), concentrated (a full day), and deliberate (with purpose) restI’ve heard that before and it’s semi-convicting every time, but this time, the pastor pointed out that Sabbath is also about trust. And about not getting too big of an ego about how important you are. 

By the seventh day, God had finished His work.
On the seventh day, He rested from all His work.
(Genesis 2.2, The Message)

God doesn’t need us to keep working in order to keep the world turning. Sabbath – not only is good for us – but also shows our trust in God and that we know we’re just not as important as we sometimes think we are. 

That struck me. I like to be needed. I like to be busy. But busy all the time isn’t sustainable or healthy. 

I’m headed for a week of middle school camp which means there will be very little rest. But instead of running a bunch of short sprints in a marathon race, I want my life to look more like regular workouts with days off to recover, remember and refocus. 

To rest.

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