She made my weekend…

Over the weekend I had a chance to meet a WAY-FM listener named Cynthia. She made my weekend.

Cynthia is battling cancer right now and the fight she shows in the face of such mounting circumstances is inspiring. Her faith, her hope, her strength she is getting from Jesus and she is NOT letting go of that anchor in her life. How she does it is beyond me.

There are times in my life where things no where near the difficulty she is facing pop up in my life and I crumble in front of it. Its like I forget where my hope and strength even come from. She blessed my life so much and reminded me that no matter what I face, big or small, we serve a God who is bigger than anything life can throw at us. We serve a God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and beyond anything we can even think or dream, so why do we crumble?

I don’t have an answer to that…but I know the next time I face something that would make me crumble, Im going to see Cynthia’s face and hope she reminds me of the God who is still making miracles happen every, single, day.

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