As a parent I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child.  TobyMac lost his son Truett, 3 years ago to an overdose. I purposely stayed out of Toby’s world because I wanted to give him time to grieve, and I only wanted to discuss Truett’s death when Toby was ready. He was ready and he painted an honest picture of life without Truett, and why he talks about it the way he does.

“If I am going to sit and talk to Wally today about this, I owe my son taking the time to talk about the way I really feel about it, and not brush over it” – TobyMac

Well, Toby’s New Album Life After Death is him processing this unimaginable loss so I figured it was time to have a conversation about where he was 3 years ago and where he is today.

His manager told me after this conversation that she was so nervous because I was taking him to places no one has gone to with him since Truett’s passing, but Toby told me he trusted me and to ask anything I wanted, and he would be OK.  So, here we go.  The interview I wish I never had to do but am so glad I did!

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