The Real Housewives TV show is filled with so much unnecessary, frivolous drama. So it was refreshing to meet The Real, Real Housewives of Kenya, whose joy amidst hardship is inspiring! Many of these women are single moms doing their best to raise their kids in a place where the odds are stacked against them. Fortunately, thanks to Compassion International, they do not have to go it alone.

The best part of any Compassion trip is meeting the kids! This little guy was from a set of healthy triplets born at the Compassion project in Kenya, thanks to their Child Survival Intervention Program.

His mom was so gracious to let me hold him, especially because as I got up to take him from her, I somehow managed to knock over two chairs; very dramatically I might add. That should tell you how tired this mother of triplets is. She was willing to let me hold her child despite my obvious lack of coordination.

Her life has not been easy. When her husband learned they were having triplets he left her to raise the kids on her own. As you can imagine, becoming a single mother of three, with no warning, is beyond overwhelming. The good news is that she found a family in the women of Compassion. They took her in and found a sponsor for her children. Ruth, one of the amazing ladies who works at Compassion said, “ her husband may have left her but we will not. She has God and us!”

It was a really great day! My wife and I already sponsor three kids through Compassion!, and we could not resist adding to our extended family when we met Lucy! She is 3 1/2 years old and we told her mom that no matter what, we would see Lucy all the way through the compassion program and she was moved to tears.

It was all very overwhelming for the little one too but it was nothing some bubbles couldn’t cure!

As we left, it was an honor and very humbling to pray for Lucy and her family.

Lucy’s mom told us she was thankful to God that Lucy would be able to go to school and become whatever she wants to be in the future, but her main hope is that she will be a God fearing woman! And that is what Compassion is all about too!

My wife cannot wait to write our first letter and send all these pictures to Lucy and her mom!

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