Trusting God during the storms of life.

This is Katie and her husband. They are faithful WAY-FM listeners. I met them at a WAY-FM show this weekend and Katie shared that WAY-FM was her lifeline a few years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. She is so young, so full of life, I can’t imagine how hard that time was when she learned that she had to battle such a deadly disease. She said the hours each day that she would sit and listen to WAY-FM were her “God-moments” for that day. It helped her to focus on Him even as she battled cancer. 

Have you ever met someone, heard their story, and then put yourself into their shoes? I don’t know if I would handle the news that I had cancer like Katie did. I don’t know if I would be able to trust in God during such a hard trial. I have been struggling to trust God even now with the small trials of my life. She said listening to me on WAY-FM was an encouragement, but meeting her encouraged me! It’s possible to have peace even during a crazy storm of life and Katie is a beautiful example of that. I’m so thankful that God reminded me, through Katie, that He can give us peace when we trust Him with our hurt. I so thankful that God even used WAY-FM as a part of Katie’s story!  

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