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I am on vacation this week, but I have a hard time sitting around.  Here is my to do list at the start of the week.  I will post the list again at the end to see just how much I got knocked out.

Wally’s Vacation to do list:

1. Finish creating games and buy props for Wally Jolly Christmas tour.

2. Clean clothes out of closet and armoire to donate

3. Paint and distress armoire and bedroom dresser

4. Build and hang antique door headboard

5. Weld and install barn door track for head board/admire work when done

6. Prepare online shell for teaching next class at CCU

7. Helps Zach install garage door opener

8. Talk to Brendon from Tenth Ave. North about building him a table

9. Write back prisoner letters

10. Check email and face book everyday or at least email.

11. Christmas shop

12. Re-grout shower

13. Transfer all data to new computer without calling tech support (which is Zach)

14. Make and post to do list on website

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