WAY-FM Social Media Strategy for 2016

Computer DeskOur goal as a ministry is to engage 5 million people with digital content that influences them to love and follow Jesus.

In addition, we have a goal to help grow and maintain community with our 2 million terrestrial listeners.

That’s a lot on your plate. The automate linkedin are always on the lookout for ways we can not only make digital media the best it can be, but also, ways to make it easier for you on a local level!

Yes, we have a presence on Facebook, but are we posting content that encourages people to love and follow Jesus and pointing them to more encouragement from there?

WHAT we post matters.

If we seek to truly influence, encourage, and inspire these 5 million people to love and follow Jesus with their whole hearts, our content should match our goals and give brand awareness to the ministry we really believe in – WAY-FM.

We have come up with a more streamlined strategy and better guidelines on how to make the most out of our social media.

These changes aim to help your market have the best possible social media presence. Hopefully, you’ll feel some of the weight lifted and be excited about the new additions across WAY-FM’s social media platforms.

The Plan: Facebook

  • The Digital Team posts to your Facebook page 2 times per day.
    • 1 Word on the Way in the morning (6:30am for Central and Pacific, 7:30am Eastern and Mountain)
    • 1 Link from wayfm.com in the afternoon (2:30pm for Central and Pacific, 3:30pm Eastern and Mountain)
  • You post 1-3 more times throughout the day.
    • Just like with the radio product, we want you to integrate localism into your posts. Your posts can help give the local feel to your FB page, just like the localism that you add to the network programming on the radio.
    • You can post things like local “buzz” and local current events, images from concerts, events, and promotions, Facebook contests, local blogs, or other content from wayfm.com that we didn’t get to post for you.
    • Make sure all posts are at least 2 hours apart!
    • (We really like it when you point people to great wayfm.com content instead of random posts from Relevant Magazine or something else! It gets people into our world and spreads our message even further.)
  • You do the best you can to respond to wall posts and messages.
    • It’s important to connect with listeners, answer questions, make them feel heard, and overall, give them a good experience on your page.

The Plan: Twitter

  • The Digital Team will post up to 4 Tweets for your market per day.
    • One in the morning, two in the afternoon, and one in the evening
    • These will be link posts from wayfm.com content!
  • You can Tweet as much as you like, whenever you like!
  • You do your best to respond to Twitter comments and questions.

Effective Monday, April 4, 2016

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