Groceries for the Rest of the Year Contest Rules

WayFM February 2023 Support Drive

$4,000 in Groceries Giveaway Contest Rules

WayFM February 2023 Support Drive

“$4,000 in Groceries Giveaway”

Contest in conjunction with WayFM Network.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Donation is not required to enter.

In conjunction with WayFM, listeners can participate in a contest to win “$4,000 in Groceries” fulfilled with $4,000 in Amex gift card(s). The radio station will plan and conduct this contest.

The contest will run: 

Saturday, February 18th 2023 10:00AM CST to Saturday, February 18th 7:05PM CST

Entrants not located in the Central Standard Time zone must factor in the time difference.

Residents of the United States may enter the drawing by calling WayFM (the Station) at 800-455-1929 or accessing the Station’s website at http://www.wayfm.comduring the WayFM Support Drive. Current employees of WayFM are not eligible. You must be 18 years or older to enter the contest. No entries will be allowed for those under the age of 18.


For an alternate way to win, you may enter here:

The prize package awarded by WayFM will include Amex gift card(s) totaling $4,000. Finalists will be drawn from all eligible entrants in each day-part with the Winning Contestant(s) drawn from the finalists.

Drawing for the prize will be February 2023. This contest is closed to employees of WayFM. The Winning Contestant(s) authorize WayFM to publish their names and photos in publications of said organizations.

All prize fulfillments will be coordinated through and approved by WayFM. Winning Contestant(s) understand that there are inherent risks that are associated with the shipment of goods. Winning Contestant(s) waives their rights to pursue any and all claims against WayFM or any of their respective affiliates, officers, directors, employees or agents for damages, which may be suffered.

The Winning Contestant(s) must claim all prizes within 14 days of winning. All information for the delivery of prizes must be shared with WayFM within 14 days of winning.

Winning Contestant(s) further acknowledges that because of the unpredictability of political and meteorological conditions or other circumstances, which may be beyond the control of WayFM that prize(s) may be cancelled or postponed, with or without advance notice. In such circumstances, the Winning Contestant(s) will not be entitled to a substitute prize, except as is offered by WayFM in its sole discretion.

The prizes may not be cashed or exchanged for cash, nor may the prizes be transferred to any other person without the written permission of WayFM. By entering this contest, the Winning Contestant(s) agrees to abide by and be bound by these Official Rules.

WayFM and their agents have engaged the service of vendors for arranging this prize(s); and, as a consequence, WayFM accepts no responsibility for accidents, damages, delays due to strikes, or to faults or defaults of any vendor used in fulfillment of this prize.

The Winning Contestant(s) acknowledges that all benefits, which are associated with the prizes, may be considered as income or as a benefit under federal, state and local income tax regulations, which will be subject to taxation. The Winning Contestant(s) acknowledges and agrees that it will be the sole responsibility of the Winning Contestant(s) to determine if any tax liability will result from the awarding of the prize to the Winning Contestant(s), what the tax liability will be if any tax liability should exist, and to be responsible for all tax liability that may exist from the awarding of this prize.

Any applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the Winning Contestant(s) and not that of WayFM. The Winning Contestant(s) will be required to sign a W-9 form, provided before receiving any prizes valued at over $300. Any Winning Contestant(s) that receives a prize, or multiple prizes within the calendar year, valued at over $600 will receive a 1099.

WayFM reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value at its sole discretion. WayFM, whose decision is final, will decide any questions concerning the rules and the administration of the promotion.

The Winning Contestant(s) agrees to release and hold harmless WayFM from any loss or liability arising out of participation in this promotion or the acceptance and use of the prize.

By accepting prizes, the Winning Contestant(s) agrees to permit WayFM to use the Winning Contestant(s)’s biographical information (in addition to the Winning Contestants(s)’s name and photograph or likeness) for promotional and ministry purposes without compensation to the Winning Contestant(s).

WayFM, without prior notice, may amend these rules at any time. However, all changes will be filed at the local radio station.

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