What do you think?

The other day I was eating out with my family when I looked over and saw a family getting up to leave. As they did the Dad left clearly more than half of his plate there on the table as they all walked off. Next to that table were 4 other guys having a good time enjoying their meals when one of them gets up, walks over to the half eaten plate and grabs the leftovers as his own!!

Instantly, I was shocked…thinking, “Did that just happen?”

I’m not sure why this freaked me out. Was I jealous that I had not thought of this before -OR- did it really freak me out? I still don’t know…

What do you think? Genius or Gross? He did make sure that this food wasn’t wasted, which clearly as Americans we waste a ton of food every year…but that’s clearly gross to eat after someone else. Right?

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