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When Carlos Whittaker Punches You In The Face

What that happens you say, “Thank you sir! Can I have another?”

From Ragamuffinsoul.com:

If the Christian organization you belong to…

The church you are on staff at…

The Christian conference you speak at…

The selfie with famous Christian [fill in the blank]…

Even remotely fills you with what the Jersey Shore kids or Bieber or Douche Bags everywhere call #Swag or #Swagger …

Then you are dangerously close to creating a God out of yourself/your church/your organization/your conference/your social media channel.


This was the reason I dumped my Instagram page and honestly still haven’t activated it back yet. Working in Christian radio I came across so many artists, bands, trendy speakers or venues and it became very much a “look at me and my cool life” page as I hash-tagged everything #Blessed so it felt more humble. I worried more about how many likes I got, or how many followers I was currently at than anything else. It was stupid. 

After I dropped the social site it was like a literal weight fell off my shoulders and I could just be ME. Me without the #Blessed or humbleswag as we called it leading my reasons to post up my digital life. 

Read the blog…its good. Check the full article here.


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