When God blows your mind.

My girlfriend and I are doing a bible study together using the book by Matt Chandler “To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain” and this weeks chapter had a moment that God used to blow my mind.

It talked about the intimacy of God in our lives and how we rarely ever notice it. Think about it. God cares about your needs, wants, desires, thoughts, plans…all of it. Just you. In the midst of 8 billion others souls on the planet. In the same moment that you are experiencing maybe your biggest moment of joy, someone else is experiencing maybe their biggest moment of despair. While you watch the sunrise, someone else is having a sunset. As the earth spins on its axis, God is watching over you as He also watches over every other soul in existence. One small soul in the midst of a universe with billions and billions of stars all under the sovereign control of our loving God.

That is the depth of His love of you. The depth of His love for us all. The details of God are truly mind blowing when laid against the entire fabric of the universe. This for just a brief moment left me #MindBlown.


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